BIND, an application with a location-based informative social-commerce platform that is focusing to connect home entrepreneurs or people who operate/want to operate from home (home based businesses) to the users/potential users who want to avail their goods and services.

BIND also wants to tap into the potential home entrepreneurs who have an idea and are passionate about their businesses by providing them a dedicated platform that will not only help them to showcase their talents but also help them to grow their businesses by giving their brand a wide visibility in their preferred vicinity.

BIND empowers its users, in areas of different knowledge, skills, fields or industry, who will support or provide a solution to the inquirers, seeking to hire these services as they get assistance with the businesses in their close proximity and with exactly what they are looking for.

To further ensure security, BIND does its due diligence for a smooth experience to every user as well as the entrepreneur.

When users look for particular goods/services they may face problems like delivery, cost of the goods/service and not being able to find things in close proximity. That is where BIND steps in suggesting users the product/service of their needs, helping the local business grow as well.

In these unprecedented times, a lot of businesses are operating from home as they are not able to bear the overheads or do not have the bandwidth to support these expenses. Which is why they carry out activities from home; this restricts their visibility across masses. They do not have excess funds for aggressive marketing as well. BIND provides a simple solution for these various problems, by providing a platform to showcase the businesses that operate from home or skilled people who cannot work full-time and operate from home. It helps in providing recognition / visibility to the small and micro businesses in India, who have a creative urge and thus can portray their talents.

The “recommended entrepreneurs” section does exactly what the name implies. It suggests your home entrepreneurs and home run business in your vicinity, after you have filled the field of your location. These suggestions will only include user reviewed businesses with an average rating of 3.8 to 5 stars.

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“Happening@BIND” is a social platform within the app and will remain uniform for every user/entrepreneur. The team at BIND will be handling this platform, it provides new information related to the unique tips and tricks about how to grow your business, inspiring stories of the entrepreneurs existing on the app and much more such media bites of this home-grown community.