Here are the steps you need to follow to list/create your store on BIND;
Step 1: Login with your number, OTP will be sent to the number and put in the required OTP in the field.
Step 2: Once your phone number details are added you will receive two options: login as a customer or entrepreneur.
Step 3: Click on login as a customer, fill in your name and valid email address.
Step4: Add address set your location as per your home address that will also be your delivery address.
(Note – You can always add a different address depending upon your location and also give it a name.)
Step 5: Click on continue, once location is selected put in your landmark details.
Step 6: Click on complete registration and your user profile will be ready to browse through the best home entrepreneurs around you.

There are NO limits to sending enquiries. You can send as many enquiries as you want.

YES, if you were a user before and you wish to create your BIND store/ entrepreneurs account you can always do that. All you need to do is follow a few steps:
Step 1: Click on my store Icon.
Step 2: Click on register.
Step 3: Add your Aadhar Card details as mentioned in the boxes.
Step 4: A Personal verification for a front face photo holding your aadhar card will be needed to secure your listing and for proof purposes.
Step 5: Add your store address as per your Aadhar card details which will be similar to your home address that you have added before.
Step 6: Once location is selected put in your landmark.
Step 7: Fill in the main business category, sub category, what you will be selling, your serviceable radius and udyog aadhar details if you have one. (All details of your business services/goods as per the fields)
Step 8: Once clicked on complete registration: your profile will be under verification.
Step 9: The verification should not take more than 24 hours, after which you can start adding your business username and list your products/services.

Yes, you can always add addresses depending upon your location and can name them too.