Go to a particular store you want to enquire for → click on Enquire → select the product/ products you are interested in (products you want to enquire for) → prepare a short message asper your selection so that the store owner/ entrepreneur comes to know your exact requirement → Click on Send.

Go to profile section → Click on My Enquiries → there you will be able to track whether the entrepreneur has Viewed your enquiry OR the enquiry is yet to be accepted OR the enquiry was not accepted.

  • Once you receive an enquiry you will have to use 1 BIND coin to view one enquiry.
  • Once you open the enquiry you will be able to view the complete details that an enquirer submitted plus access their contact details on the side where they are made reachable with just a click.
  • Every enquiry will have a time limit of 24 hours from the time you receive that enquiry. Once missed the enquiry will expire and you WILL NOT be able to view it later.

The main reason behind this is to avoid the buffer because the users are expecting a prompt reply.